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Cocopelli Surf School and Homestay - Surf in India

Established in 2010 Cocopelli is the first surf school in Gokarna. If you want to learn from the best then come to Cocopelli surf school which is recognized by the international surfing association and the surfing federation of India. Sandeep Samuel is an internationally certified surf instructor and one of the only two certified international level 3 judges in India. Sandeep trains absolute beginners, non swimmers and also intermediate surfers who want to proceed to the advanced level. Surfing is one of the things to do in Gokarna.

The long beach of Gokarna Main Beach provides perfect waves for beginners. Its clean blue waters brings it to its best. Light current and pleasant streaming makes sure you don't run out of breath just from paddling. If you don't want to get stuck in the rainy season visit us between October and May, which is suitably the best time for beginners to surf. The pre-monsoon and the post-monsoon (before October and after May) can be a challenge for the pro surfers.

You will learn to surf in very small groups or one on one. We provide daily surfing lessons. Sandeep, our experienced surf teacher, will give you some instructions about technics and safety before you start paddling into the sea and catch your first wave.

JUST TO TRY (one session 1,5 - 2 hour)                        -

See if you are a natural born talent! Surfing is great fun - find out by yourself.

BEGINNER COURSE (3 days, one session per day)        

Standing guarantee!! You will learn about boards, safety, waves, paddling, positioning, catching waves, control and standing up. You will surf a lot and have tons of fun!

ADVANCED COURSE (6 days, one session per day)       

You will learn Basic Course and improve your level of surfing. Your will catch middle-sized waves and know how to pose and control the board. Develop your consistency and do first turns. Get to know about the principals of timing and take off on small green waves. You will feel comfortable by yourself in any intermediate surf spot.

We are also happy to organize and make surf trips along the hidden coastline of India. Please let us know in advance.

     We also provide:

  • Long board rentals

  • Short boards rentals

  • Body boards and flippers

  • Wet suits, board shorts

  • Surf trips

  • Buying, Selling & Exchange of boards

  • Ding repairs

  • Kayaking

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